Friday, January 3, 2014

My Greatest Blessing.

This past November I, like a lot of people....posted on my Facebook wall each day something that I was thankfully for. It was very easy for me to do because I have so many things to be thankful for. My home, my beautiful family, my health, my job, and so so much more. There was one thing though that stuck out to me over all the rest when I thought about the last year. It was my daughter. Anyone who knows her would tell you how strong she is. She is the strongest kid that I know. When I say she's strong I mean both physical and emotionally. She can out work any of her brothers. She's very determined. When she decides that she wants something there is no stopping this girl. This character trait also comes with a price. Mainly for me. Let's just say she can be a bit of a challenge some days. I'm positive though that this strong will serve her well when she is an adult. The last few years of her life haven't been so easy. About 2 and half years ago on a hot day in June we were invited to a picnic along with some other homeschool friends. At the picnic she was attacked by a dog. Thankfully God had a hedge of protection over my daughter that day and she was spared her life. She did however have to have a plastic surgeon correct the damage that was done to her face. 

This was a photo taken of my daughter about a year before the attack.

These pictures were taken just after the surgeon with The Lord's guiding hands put her face back together.

After the attack she had some nerve damage done to her lip and her smile was crooked for about a year. We had to keep her out of the sun all summer so she wore many hats and swimming was out of the question. But with time and prayer it healed and her smile returned. She still had to have a second surgery though to correct some of the scar tissue that she was left with. Again the surgery was nothing less then a miracle and she was back to her own self. 

This is her today. 

As you can see by the smile on her face that her strength surpasses all understanding. Every time she is asked about her scars she will have a story to tell. A story of God's love and his presence in her life. This is my greatest blessing.

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