Thursday, August 9, 2012

A new year

It's been a busy last few months of summer filled with water balloons, birthdays, camping and marathons. But as some of you homeschoolers may know summer is also a time for regrouping and planning for the following school year. So I spent most of July picking out a curriculum and mapping out my upcoming year. This year my oldest Prince will be a Junior in public school and the other three kids will be home with mommy. Prince number two will be in 3rd grade, the Princess is in 1st and the youngest Prince is starting Kindergarten. So in an attempt not to pull my hair out to make all this work smoothly....this is what I came up with.

All these charts will be interactive and will cover the things that we will go over every morning.
I'm going to hang them up in my dinning room/ school room.

 There are little velcro dots on the boards for the kids to put the days of the week and the weather outside.
 Almost everything is laminated so they'll be durable and you can write on them with expo markers and then wipe them clean the next day.

These are some of the pieces that I made which also have velcro dots on them to attach to the boards

 This board is just a bunch of plastic pockets tapped on it so that I can switch out the posters through out the year. 

I like to give credit where credit is do. Most of this stuff I found from various web sites like: They offer so many different free printables and links you could easily get lost for days or even weeks.

Last but not least is my schedule for the year. I probably wont stick to it like glue but it'll give me something to shoot for. It's mostly for the kids to get an idea on how much they have left and have accomplished through out the day. My stuff like housework, exercise and meal prepping isn't on here. I'm planning on putting an analog clock above it too so they get some practice telling time as well. The little clocks are all laminated so I can change the times if needed during the year.

Phew...OK, I'm tired all ready. :)

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  1. Awesome! That looks like a ton of work! Can you make me some LOL! I'm def gonna steal some of these ideas when I'm more school motivated.