Thursday, January 19, 2012

More kale please,mom.

So I never thought in a million years that I would be making homemade yogurt and swapping out all my boxed goods in my pantry for homemade foods but lately that's exactly what's been going on in Teresa's Pantry. It all started just after Christmas when I watched a movie called Forks over Knives. It hit me like a ton of bricks. All the food that I've been feeding my family is slowly poisoning their bodies and putting them at a higher risk for cancer. Now I know your probably thinking "wow she's finally lost it.... she's going off the deep end". I know that's what some family and friends are thinking right about know. But trust me, I've done some research on this. The basic point of this documentary is that animal based protein is what's causing the rise in cancer and a plant based protein diet greatly reduces your risk and can even cure diabetes and high blood pressure among other things. If you add that to all the garbage that the meat industry is pumping into our food like hormones and antibiotics and not to mention the condition that these animals are kept in and the treatment of them is horrendous. I wont even get into the effects on our environment and the amount of trees that are cut down to support these animals. The grain alone that they are fed would feed every hungry mouth in the world. Isn't that sad.

  So... we are now a proud family of Vegetarians. Ovo Lacto Vegetarians to be precise, with the hope of becoming Vegans soon. Now before you say "are you sure that's healthy?" "what about protein and calcium?" I have done my research and I am in no way depriving my kids of these life sustaining nutrients. They can get all of these things from a plant based diet. I am still using eggs and dairy for the time being until I feel that we are ready to take that leap. I have found that the younger kids don't even realize that they aren't eating it. My oldest prince is slowly getting used to it and My knight could use a little healthy in his life anyway. :)  I took out some books from the library with all kinds of info on a vegetarian diet and the internet is full of lot's of tasty recipes to try. Not only have I removed meat from our diet I'm also replacing our pantry items with more whole foods and trying to get rid of all the high fructose corn syrup in our lives. That stuff is in everything.... blaaah!! So be prepared for a lot of new recipes in the near future. Right now I'm working on perfecting my homemade granola bar recipe. Imagine the possibilities.



    You should try this recipe - it is delicious!

  2. Wow! Good for you! I never thought I'd make a lot of the changes I've made either, but I haven't brought myself to anything this substantial yet. Good luck and congrats!

  3. Good for you. Forks over Knives is awesome.
    Here is a good one too and it is free in the WWW

    I am the uncle of the woman who writes Journey to Ezer

  4. Hi, Teresa! I've been *slowly* working on improving my family's diet, too - since Christmas. Starting with whole foods, raw foods, etc. It sure isn't easy, lol!, but worth the effort. I've heard Food, Inc. is another good movie about America's food/diet.
    God Bless! :)

  5. Amanda~ Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to try it. It'll be my first Tofu recipe.

    Norm~ I'm going to check that one out when I have a free moment. I like to do research on this kinda stuff.

    Collette~ We can only take it one grocery shopping trip at a time. I did watch Food inc. it was one of things that made me turn to vegetarianism.