Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm now classified as Hard Core.

So I don't recommend letting two weeks go by in between days running. Between the bad weather and going on vacation... I was starting to accumulate some cob webs on my running shoes. So this past weekend I finally got out for a run.  I did complete my 4.5 mile loop after about 50 minutes, but the next day.. I had some pain issues in the upper thigh area while putting my shoes on. On the upside though, I got to test out my new Under Armor Cold Gear top and compression tights. Love the top!! It's keeps you nice and toasty in temps of 50 degrees or less. It was just around 50 degrees and a little windy when I left the house. After about 1.5 miles I was starting to wonder if I had over done it. I love the the thumb holes because my hands seem to be the only things that really get cold when I first start out. That goes away after a little bit.  I'm hoping that it's still warm enough when the weather drops down to 20-30 degrees.
  Now my compression tights may take some getting used to. They don't leave a whole lot of room for the imagination. Thankfully my top is long enough to cover the real important areas.They start to slip down a little after a bit while I'm running too.  My husband seems to like them though and the oldest prince says that I look hard core in my new outfit.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad but I'll take it as a compliment. He has also promised me that if I buy him a top like mine he'll go running with me. I have a feeling that after one or two times out he'll probably go back on that promise though. I think it was the head band that really completed the outfit. Never the less I want you all to be thinking about me next Saturday morning while your snuggling down into your nice warm blankets. Just kidding, but really.. pray for me to make it through this winter so that I can do my half marathon this May. Oh and if any of you care to join me...give me a call and we can sport ice cycles hanging from our noses together.

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