Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our Battlefield

Our brains are such a complex part of the body. They are so complex that they are capable of things that nobody even knows what they are fully capable of. You can call me crazy if you like but I believe that if you think about something enough that it can actually happen. Maybe not today or tomorrow but at some point. I believe that we can force these things into our lives just by thinking about them. Maybe it's spiritual or something more physical... I'm not sure but I do fully believe that it can happen. I think that it can be both a good or a bad thing.
  When I first started running I thought that it was all about the proper form of running and breathing. Then as I started getting into harder work outs and the longer runs I had to start convincing myself that I could do it. That my body was capable of doing it. It was then that I realized that most of running was mental. By the time I got to my half marathon I was worn out physically and emotionally. I needed a break. I took almost two full months off and fully healed my knee and my mind after the marathon. So this week is all about getting back into the game. My first day out I barely finished 3 miles. I actually had to walk part of the way in the last mile. Can you imagine two months ago I ran 13 miles without stopping and this week I could barely get through 3. So I rested the next day and let me tell you, my legs have not been this sore after a short run in a long time. The next day I laced up again and I finished the 3 miles without stopping. I kept telling myself "You can do this". It's all about your perspective. If you set yourself up for failure. Your going to fail. The Bible says to think about what is good for a reason. God knows how important our thoughts are to our bodies. We can do all things through Christ.  Phil 4:13

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  1. I completely agree with you Teresa. Mind over matter. It's all about taking every thought captive to Christ.