Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hi... it's me

Bad blogger...bad. So I've been absent for a couple months now and I really don't have any excuse other then life happening. I know it's lame.So this post is just a bit of an update on my life. So let's see...where do I start?

  I'm still doing the vegetarian and whole foods thing with a little slacking in some areas. I have purchased a few things that are supposed to be off limits but they totally have made my life easier in a couple situations. Can you say boxed mac and cheese. Yah.... and turns out my husband likes a good hamburger at the family BBQ's. So I've had to waver a little for the sake of my marriage. I myself have remained meat free for seven months now. Yahhh me!!

  We finished up our homeschool year about 3 weeks ago. Or I should say the kids finished. I on the other hand never really stopped because now I'm planning for next year. I do have some fun stuff that I'm working on that I hope to post about soon. Complete with pictures.

 This summer hasn't been all peaches and cream for us. We had one of those life events that you think will never happen to you and then does. While at a homeschool lunch my Princess was attacked by a dog and bite in the face. She required a plastic surgin to stitch her up with many many stitches. But God is good and she is recovering and has remained strong through it all. The hardest part for her was staying off the trampoline and her bike and out of the pool until her stitches healed up. We also have had to keep her completely out of the sun so that her scars don't become worse. So she's been sporting some really cute sun hats.
Oh yah and last but not least... I completed my half marathon. I did better then I expected to. I trained to run it at 10:30 RP and I ran it at 10:20. That was even with missing my last 2 weeks of training due to an IT Band injury.

Ok that's all I think of right now. So I hope everyone else is enjoying the summer and I promise I will be better about posting. :) Ta ta for now.

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