Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas mornings in our home are always started with a Bible reading of birth of Jesus and then we open up gifts. After that The knight in shining armor will help the kids with putting toys together and unpacking things while I make breakfast. Breakfast on Christmas morning consists of  cinnamon rolls with birthday candles and some some sort of breakfast casserole that I've put together the night before. We all sing happy birthday to Jesus and then we feast on the sweet rolls that the Lord has provided us with.
  This year I tried a new recipe. The recipe "I made makes 7 pans of rolls. So instead of hording these delicious rolls for myself, I'm saving my backside the extra pounds and I'm handing them out to our neighbors.

The pan in front is what they looked like uncooked
 See how yummy they look. The icing is maple flavored.
 All packaged and ready to go.
 Out of the 7 pans that I made. 1 pan was eaten (I had to test them before I sent them out the door). 2 were stuck in the freezer for Christmas morning, and 4 were given out.
I think next year I'm going to make two batches.So that I have more to give away of course.Here's the recipe that I used.

I will warn you that if you plan on making these, do expect to be eating some.

I also want to add that I've been asked to be a guest blogger over at today, if you would like to head on over there and take a peek.

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  1. What a great idea! A great idea for His birthday gift.