Thursday, January 5, 2012

Something Crafty

Time for some crafty goodness. 

One of my greatest obsessions is with old things. I  just love to repurpose things!!! I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that my knight in shining armor is a contractor so sometimes his garbage becomes my treasure. So a couple weeks ago he came home with a truck load of old windows that were on their way to the dump. So I intercepted and calmly explained to him of the many uses for old windows. So being the loving husband that he is, he piled them in the barn for me. Then a few days ago my Ezer friend came over and we each grabbed a window and went to town on them with screw drivers,hammers and scrapers and whatever else would give them a pleasant distressed look . We took out all of our frustrations on these poor window frames and made them look fabulous. Our children roamed the house like free range chickens, we crafted our little hearts away and this is what I ended up with.

So what do you think? I have many more ideas floating around for these windows and other crafty goodness. My plan is to post "Something Crafty" once a week.