Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Smooth run.

When running, there's nothing better then a newly paved, smooth road. There's no loose gravel to roll an ankle and you can keep a good pace. But where I live the roads are very old. Some sections are freshly paved and some aren't. Some are just dirt and gravel. There are potholes that you have to work yourself around. Sometimes you even slip off the road a bit onto the dirt. I think life is a lot like that old country road. Your running on smooth pavement for a while then you come to a section where there are potholes and loose gravel. The pavement has become old and brittle and forms a hole. It's just enough to keep things from getting boring. Someone once said to me "If you want hear God laugh, tell him your plans." I try to remind myself when things get tough that God never gives us more then we can handle. He gives us angels hear on earth. Like good friends and family. Thankfully I have my husband coming from behind me with his big steam roller smoothing the path behind me. That way my next lap around will be smooth running. Thanks for keeping my run smooth Doug. And a big thank you to all my soul sistas! Luv you all!!!