Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Warrior Dash

Ok, since I have started becoming more physically fit. I feel more comfortable about taking on things. So I started my blog and opened my Etsy shop, signed up for a couple 5k's and now The Warrior Dash. This is the layout. It 3.20 miles of obstacles. First you speed step through hundreds of tires, then you go over a wooden barricade, then crawl through black tunnels. Then after that are forests and murky waters to run through. Then you walk across wooden planks and cross a wooden bridge. Then you dash down river and cross cargo nets. You scale a slate wall and slide down a muddy slope. Then this is the fun part, you hurdle over fire. Yes, I said FIRE. Then you have to crawl under barbed wire to the finish line. Doesn't that sound great??? Check it out!!


  1. It's amazing how the confidence we gain physically carries over to other areas of our lives! Helps us become better "people" and reach for things we didn't think we can do. Great job and I can't wait to get muddy with you!