Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bring it on!!

OK another school year has began. I'm ready. I'm up at 6AM before the sun is up. I stumble through the kitchen to make my coffee. This is going to be a great year. I'm so ready for this. I walk quietly back out the living room. I sit down with my computer to check my emails and my daily morning devotion that comes straight to my email everyday. Awesome ha! A half hour later I hear thumping on the living room ceiling. "Mommy".... "Mommy I peed the bed" comes blaring through the house. OK no problem. Up the stairs I go. Chang the bed, clean the child, down the stairs I go with my extra load of laundry and three children following close behind. Breakfast comes next with only 1 spill it's on the table not the couch phew... Alright, let's focus... get chores done, get dressed, start school. OK chores are done without issue and after 3 outfits later the princess has found something to wear. At least till lunch time anyway. Just as as we sit down for morning prayer the phone rings.. ignore it. Math done, Language done,  can I have some bunny milk.. done, can you wipe me...done. Three year old climbing on the entertainment center, five year old helping herself to some cookie's and milk, six year old crying because he can't make a cursive f, and the 15 year old is still laying in bed. It's OK.. I got this. I pull the 3 year down, get the snack for the 5 year old, give the six year a break and the 15 year gets a nice tall glass of cold water... to drink of course. Lunch time comes and goes, switch over the laundry, vacuum the floor, clean up the kitchen, start school up again. ABC's and 123's wont you sing with me...It's my turn... she started it.... I'm tired.... can you wipe me.... and the beat goes on. Barney babysits while I exercise and shower. Load the kids in the car so the 15 year old can go play with the pigskin. Back home finish up my chores make dinner and prepare my smile for my Prince charming to walk through the door. Clean up, pick up the teen, and wash up the marker and spaghetti stained children. Off to bed they go. Night, night, mommy loves you, no more drinks tonight you'll pee the bed. Look over curriculum lessons, make some popcorn, cuddle with the Prince and let's do this again tomorrow. Bring it on!!