Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exercise for the soul.

My five year old princess loves to go for runs with me. Of course it's not much of a run for me, but she gives it her all. She doesn't slow down till she's done her first mile. The second mile is a bit slower. It's more like a brisk walk. I love how at five everything is new and great. A simple thing like a bright red leaf becomes a treasure to bring home for daddy. She entrusted me with this treasure until we got home. After all she didn't want to crinkle it while she was running.
   Taking her with me completely kills my workout. I have to cut my distance in half or a third depending on how far I was planning on going and I can throw any record braking time out the window. But the time we spend together is completely worth it. As a busy homeschooling mom I treasure each of the opportunities that I get to spend with each one of my kids alone. This year I have scheduled dates with each one of my kids. Just me, daddy, and one of them. No other siblings. I find that when my children are separated from their brother's and sister they're totally different kids. These are the kids that I want to get to know in the brief amount of time that God has trusted me with their care.

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