Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I can flip pancakes without getting burned!!!

When I was growing up I was never taught how to cook anything except Lasagna. I'm not really sure why that is but that's it. I had to learn everything on my own in the kitchen. I think that it turned out OK though because I'm not afraid to put things together without a recipe in front of me.
   When my children were born I decided that their kitchen skills would be much different then mine. I started as soon as they were old enough to turn a spoon. They love to add the ingredients one by one and then pour the batter slowly into the pan and then watch our creation take shape as it bakes in the oven. Clean up is the most fun. I get out the spoons and they go to town on the bowl. Yes... I let my children eat raw batter. I know that some of you are cringing. As my children have gotten older I've increased the number of things that I let them help with. I just started letting them crack the eggs open into the bowl and flip pancakes. My daughter has decided to let everyone she meets know that she is five now and she can flip pancakes without getting burned. It somehow has become a right of passage for her. Like this magically happened the moment she turned five.
   I cook with my kids for lots of different reasons. It teaches them life skills and math lessons. It teaches them to share and provide a service for others. I also just like the time we get to spend together. So go and bake something yummy with your babies. To make it even more enriching you can bring your baked goods to a neighbor. The rewards will last them a life time and more.

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