Monday, August 15, 2011

The next 12 months of my life down on paper.

Finally, I have reached the 90 % done point with my curriculum planning. I feel like I can start my school year on a good note. I'm starting my 3 year old son's schooling this year and I'm hoping that if he has his own school work to do, he'll be less distracting to the other kids. I know, it's wishful thinking. A girl can dream... can't she? I'm looking forward to more hands on lessons with the kids this year and I'm focusing on our character training. I'm using this great set of lessons that Focus on the Family puts out. It's called Kids of Integrity. The lessons provide you with hands on learning lessons, Bible story references, helpful suggestions if your child is having trouble with that particular character trait and even prayer suggestions. This is the link if your interested. . I'm also planning on more outside the home activities this winter to keep mommy from going crazy  to keep the kids from getting bored.
  I've made a few adjustments with my own schedule and responsibilities in hopes of having a smoother school year. I had too make some hard choices this year in the ministries department. I think sometimes we need to let go of certain things in our lives to make room for the things that our more important. I find if I spread myself too thin, in too many areas..... then I don't do well in any thing that I'm doing. Kinda like a garden with too many plants planted in it. The flowers may bloom but not as much as it would with less plants sucking up the nutrients in the soil. Get it? I know you do. So bring it on 2012 because I will probably be ready to throw in the towel by January I'm totally prepared. How about you?

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