Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scope and Sequence for my life

We're coming to the end of summer and I'm all about lesson plans and curriculum's right now. So in the process of planning my school year, I decided to make a Scope and Sequence for my life. It looks a little like this so far.

Pick out the healthy relationships at this time in my life and dispose of the toxic ones
Visit my mother more often
Have dinner with dad at least once a month
Spend more time with my husband and kids

Spiritual training
Make reading my Bible a part of my daily routine
Make Bible and Character training part of my kids curriculum this year
Make praying before bed with the kids part of our bedtime routine
Start another small group

Stay focused, more goal oriented
Be more consistent

Pick a ministry that best suits me and stick to just that one or two so that I can be more fruitful in it.
Make more of an effort to talk to people that I don't know on Sunday morning

Organize my kitchen cabinets
Update the kids chore lists
Get rid of the things that our cluttering my house
Reorganize my sewing materials and sewing area

Teresa's pantry
Get more items in my shop
Prepare for next years vendor fairs
Make myself a bag to advertise for myself  :)

Phew!! I already feel better. Now to just get started.


  1. Love this Teresa! I think we all need to do this periodically. It's not enough to just think of things we need/want to do in our heads, it has to go down on paper (or blog, lol). Love ya. Hope I'm at least somewhat of a healthy relationship. ;-)

  2. Funny, wi the new school year coming I always feel compelled to write my own lil manifesto too sonthat I can keep on track. I then write again for the new year in Jan and again around my birthday in may....all four months apart basically. I hate to ever admit I need a list to keep me on point but I do. I think your goals are great and attainable. I love you for the strong example you set for women, myself included. :) xoxoxoxox as always, great post!

  3. Thanks gilrs! You girl are definitely healthy for me.