Wednesday, June 15, 2011

He's lucky he's so cute

Hmmm...... The littlest prince is being very quiet. Wonder where he is.

Eww... What's this? A present for mommy. You shouldn't have. Wonder who I should thank for this.

He's lucky he's so cute!!!


  1. Awe! I know you know you'll be glad you captured the photos!

  2. When Alissa was about three she was supposed to be taking a nap~instead she emptied an entire container of baby powder onto my bed and then proceeded to jump on it and when I walked in I couldn't even see her because of the gross cloud of powder. She told me she thought it would make my bed smell nice!

  3. Awe....naughty...but oh so adorable! So hard to be angry when they look at You like that!