Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stromboli Recipe (Happy Father's Day!!!)

In honor of Father's Day I'm going to show you all how to make Stromboli because it's one of my husbands favorite meals. It's also cheap to make and super easy too. So here we go. Here's what your going to need

2 rolls of refrigerated french bread dough
1/2lb of baked ham
1/4-1/2lb hard salami
1/2lb of provolone cheese
1/2 package of pepperoni (you could use deli pepperoni if you want)
1/3 of a stick of melted butter
garlic salt
grated Parmesan cheese

First set your oven too 400 degrees

Then your going to open up your french bread and carefully unroll it into a large rectangle
Then your going to layer your meat and cheese across the middle. Starting with the cheese, then pepperoni, then the ham, then last comes the salami.

Then your going to grab the top end of the dough and fold it down and start rolling it up.

Once you have it all rolled up.. seal it along the side by pinching it. Then pinch the ends closed. Then your going to spray a baking sheet with non stick spray and place your rolls on the sheet. Now your going to make several slits going across the bread with a sharp knife. Now repeat those steps and make the second roll.

Then brush the melted butter across the length of the rolls and top with garlic salt and Parmesan cheese

Then place it in the oven for around 25-30min. We like ours crispy so about 30min works well for my oven. Until it's all brown and the cheese is oozing out.

See that melted burnt cheese on the pan. That's my favorite part. Yummm.....

Now when it's cooled off a little cut it into slices.

You can dip it in pizza sauce or honey mustard sauce. Enjoy!!

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  1. Yummy...I love the melted cheese the best too. I also make sausage bread...I basically do the same thing but I used spicy Italian sausage, broccoli, pizza dough, mozz. cheese, and Italian spices on the inside. You can pretty much put anything you like inside..and it's oh so yummy. Thanks for sharing..I love the idea of the melted butter, garlic and parm. cheese on the top!