Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's be real!

This mornings devo was all about being real with others and taking off the mask that we put on around others. The mask of perfection. The one that we use to make everyone think that we're perfect in all area's of our life. We get up and put our nice clothes on and go to church on Sunday with smiles on our face. When someone asks us how we are, we reply "Fine, how about you?" and that someone will reply "Fine" and then we move on to the next set of "Fine's". We ask the ?? without wanting the real answer. We would rather just go on with our day the same as always. Why is that we all answer fine even when we're falling apart inside. I think it may be for a couple different reasons. First it's probably because we don't want anyone to see our weaknesses. We want everyone to think we're perfect and we have that "I got this" attitude. Our marriage is perfect, all our bills are paid, and our kids our straight A students. When really the marriage is just holding on by a thread and the house is in foreclosure and the kids are a mess.
 The other reason may be that we just don't want people all up in our business. It's embarrassing! We don't want to deal with the drama that we deal with day in and day out at church. The church is our safe haven. The place where everything and everyone is "fine".
 Can you imagine if you walked up to someone at church and asked them how things are and they just bursted in to tears and told you everything that was going wrong in their life at that moment. It's rare that this would happen but it does happen on occasion. It's happened to me. How would you react? Would you feel uncomfortable? Your reaction could have an awesome effect on that person. It may either give them the confidence that they needed and the feeling that someone cares or the opposite. They could leave you feeling like nobody cares...even the church. My life sucks! What if you were the person that God put in that persons life to fix a problem and you just blew it.
  Can you imagine how awesome it would be if we all were honest with each other and helped each other out to best of our abilities? For example: A single mom is struggling to pay a day care for her children and can't pay her bills because of it. She needs someone trustworthy and someone who will except less pay to watch her children. What if your that somebody who God wants to use to help her out. You could either watch her kids for free or for very little. At least until she could get back on her feet. Yes, that would mean sacrifice. You would have to give up some free time. But you would be doing God's work. That's what being part of God's family is all about. That's the church family that I want. A family that helps each other out and is honest with each other. A church full of real people. People who screw up once in a while. We're all human, we're all a mess in some area in our lives. Next time your in a situation that you could be of help ... find that "I got this" attitude and do what God has called us all to do. Help someone in need. Peace out!!!

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