Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working mamma

Oh how I give credit to all those working mamma's out there. It doesn't matter if you do it from home or an office or a factory. It's one more thing on your plate. Wow, and what a buffet of things we have already on it. I wear so many hats as it is and now I have added entrepreneur to the collection. But for some strange reason I feel calm about it. There isn't that shortness in breathe that I usually get when I've taken on too much. It's like God is telling me that it's the right time to go ahead with it. There's still that uncertainty that comes with any new adventure but it still feels OK. But who knows... it might just be that calm that comes before the storm. Either way I'm going to keep chugging along and give it my all. Next week I have my first vendor sale. So pray for me friends. Pray that I'll be able to balance getting everything that's needed  for this new adventure done in the next week. Oh yeah and speaking of working mamma's, check out my sweet friend Wendy's blog @ She's giving away a $25 gift card for Wendy's this week. Which is great to have on hand for those busy summer days.

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