Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The opposite sex

Oh yes the opposite sex...Opposite is the key word hear. The sooner ladies except that men are just that, the better off they'll be. I believe that at some point men stop growing mentally but their bodies continue to grow. They're just big boys in a man's body. I haven't pin pointed the age in which this happens yet. Having 3 boys and a husband I'm going to be studying them very closely. Maybe by the time my daughter is old enough to be in a relationship I'll be able to give her an exact age.
  I think that men marry woman thinking that they'll never change. That they're never going to gain an ounce and that their hair will always be one color. Then 10-20 years down the line they're shocked at the fact that the woman that they married has changed. Remember that lovely woman you called mom. Well that's what's your going to end up with. The funny thing is though..men want us to be that woman who fixes their plate and raises perfectly well behaved children in a perfectly clean house. They just want it to be done in the nude.
  Now woman on the other hand marry a man thinking just the opposite. They think I'm going to FIX this man no matter what it takes. He's going to be perfect when I'm done with him. Haaaaa!! Yeah right. It'll never happen ladies. Take a good look now because he will remain this way till he's 90. His physical appearance may change but he will remain mentally a young boy forever. We complain about the things that we once thought were cute.
  If men and woman would except these facts then the divorce rate would be almost none existent. I have excepted my husband sits and plays his xbox at night. In fact I encourage it. Because I understand that he needs that outlet. I know that while he's at work supporting our family like a grown up he's also shooting his co worker with a nail gun because it's just funny. In the end he's still a wonderful man...the man that I married. He's a great father and husband.  I'm also trying my best not to change my appearance too much. After 4 kids it's been a challenge but I think I have a handle on it....for now anyway.

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  1. Great insights Teresa! Very true. I think it's very hard for a man to understand why we would change, why we're not the same women they married. But I know at 20 years old when I married Jason I don't think I had a clue who I was or who I would become. Jason has done his best to go with the flow and be supportive, but I know it's often been a challenge! And them, well, we just have to realize they are who they are. They were like that when we married them!